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About Cresco Capital Award

Background and purpose

Cresco Capital Award is a grant established by Cresco Capital Services. Cresco Capital Services is a specialist asset management company within direct investments in forestry, land management and related renewable energy production, registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Cresco Capital Services build sustainable and profitable investments in forestry and land in the UK, Ireland, and the Baltics. The purpose of Cresco Capital Services is to contribute and stimulate towards a more sustainable development of the potential of forests and land benefitting the climate and creating value for society with respect for nature. Through the Cresco Capital Award, Cresco Capital Services wish to support education and research that contribute to this purpose by:

  1. Inspiring students in their dissertation process

  2. Creating an international network of students with an interest in sustainable forestry 


You can read more about Cresco Capital Services here.

Target group

Cresco Capital Award can be granted to students from higher educations who have developed projects that meet the criteria listed below. The Cresco Capital Award is targeted students with interest and professional knowledge within forestry and forests’ role in the green transition. For example students who are educated within:

  • Forest and nature management

  • Enviromental economics or similar 

  • Engineering educations with relevance to wood industry and sustainable use of forest and land

Criteria for granting the Cresco Capital Award

  1. The project must be an integrated part of the study program in which the student is enrolled and there must be a university employed supervisor associated with the project. The university employed supervisor is responsible for the academic feedback and the student should inform the supervisor about the participation in the Cresco Capital Award competition.

  2. The prize is targeted bachelor, master and PhD. theses.

  3. When assigning the prize, the grade will be part of the assessment, therefore the achieved grade should be clearly visible on the front page, when handing in the project.

  4. Generally, the project should investigate one of the themes on the current theme list. Based on the theme list, students can select a theme and create a unique problem statement that they want to address. The students are free to choose their unique problem statements and projects of their own choices, but the project will not be considered for a Cresco Capital Award if the problem statement is irrelevant to Cresco Capital Services.

  5. The theses should be written in either Danish or English to be in the scope of the Cresco Capital Award.

  6. Students who wish to write a Cresco Capital Award projects should send an e-mail to Cresco Capital Services on Students who write Cresco Capital Award projects are invited to join the Cresco Capital Student Network (CSN) where students can discuss their projects and share their experiences. A semi-annual kick-off meeting is held within the CSN.ASN

The Grant

The Executive Management of Cresco Capital Services A / S led by Carsten With Thygesen, is responsible for appointing the winners of a Cresco Capital Award. One 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize can be awarded annually:

  • 1st prize: The best project is awarded with DKK 15,000

  • 2nd prize: The second best project is awarded with DKK 10,000

  • 3rd prize: The third best project is awarded with DKK 5,000

Cresco Capital Services A / S is not obliged to grant the prizes annually. Grants are index-regulated at appropriate intervals.


In addition, the winners will be granted a diploma as well as the opportunity of giving an interview on the Cresco Capital Award website.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in writing a Cresco Capital Award project, please send an e-mail to stating your name, education, the working period of your project and the theme from our current theme list that you would like to work with. If you have a project idea which cannot be incorporated in any of the themes, you are welcome to communicate your idea to us and then we will assess whether it could qualify as a Cresco Capital Award project. Please find a suggested step-wise plan for a Cresco Capital Award project below: 

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